The Ramtha QAnon Crazy Cult Colab – In The News!

Crazy cults colaborateIn case you didn’t get the memo Cults make it a point to dishing out secret knowledge that can only come from divine or secret sources. The recent news of an ancient disembodied warrior teaming up with a right-wing political cult may seem either a perfect fit or insanity taken to a new level. As someone who likes to examine cults from objectively this new collaboration seems like a marketing merger made in heaven. The two cults in questions are J.Z. Knight’s Ramtha cult and the fairly recent Reddit created political cult called QAnon. Announcing The Ramtha QAnon Crazy Cult Colab!!

Having studied both “movements” the fit is good, with Ramtha’s often espousing spiritual wisdom with strong right wing leanings. Because all QAnon right wing conspiracies can’t be accurately confirmed it only makes sense the two would merge into a some grotesque cult chimera.

How they work together so well has a lot to do with how they each work to demonstrate a sense of authority even amid their outrageous claims. Ramtha, a god-warrior channeled by JZ Knight, speaks with great authority in a strange affection of an accent. Most of what Ramtha/Knight claims is a mix of common sense, pre-existing wisdom, and the unprovable.  Likewise QAnon claims to be a hidden source in the government fighting  a secret faction within the government. The dynamic of these two cults makes it so one can dip into the others pool of believers without consequences.Book- Building Your Cult 2nd Edition

If you are looking to form a cult do what other manical leaders have done, borrow from other sources.  Unless you are incredibly creative and want to build your cult from the ground up ($cientology) it’s easier to use preexisting doctrine and rituals.  You can read more about this in the book Building Your Cult.

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