If “All hypnosis is self hypnosis” can you hypnotize yourself to forget everything about yourself for 15 minutes? I know very few hypnotists who are up to that challenge. Creating amnesia in oneself is such a challenge because one would need to bypass ones own critical factor. That would mean overcoming a very strong human need know that what you experience makes sense. No one wants to suddenly become aware they are standing in a crowded room full of strangers covered in someone else’s blood.

So how could one hypnotize oneself to create the experience of profound amnesia?

I’ve written a six page white paper describing a process where you could create complete amnesia in yourself if you were so inclined. The process is called The Vault.

This might cause some people to worry. While it may be possible to plan and commit a crime with complete amnesia for it, it’s not easy nor very ecological. The usefulness of The Vault is that it can be use to send hypnotic instruction to the subconscious mind, without any conscious memory of it. If there is no conscious memory then there can be no conscious interference.

If you like the idea of programming a Manchurian Candidate to do your bidding, then imaging using The Vault to become the exact Manchurian Candidate you would want to become! This would allow you to integrate new behaviors and habits quickly into your life.

There is a warning associated to using this process. Use it wisely.

Dantalion Jones

WARNING This white paper is for information use only. The author takes no responsibility for the results of it’s use. Using The Vault is designed to create confusion, disorientation and dissociation in the user. You may experience periods of “lost time”.  Only the most mentally healthy and well balanced people should use this process.



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