For several years I’ve been thinking about what I call a “Motivational Imperative” (MI) which is a single positive idea or concept that a person is motivated to fulfill.

When you are driven by a powerful Motivational Imperative amazing things begin to happen. You have more energy, a stronger sense of focus, fear and anxiety no longer concern you. Even the things the used to bother you become manageable and even trivial.

Motivational Imperative becomes a single driving force that make you accomplish things you once thought were out of  reach.

There are some great examples of people driven by a Motivational Imperative; Steve Jobs, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bill Gates to name a few.

It took a few years to incubate but the formula has finally been laid out for you in this book.The question I asked was how can I intentionally build a Motivational Imperative in myself? And how can I make it so that it is reproducible in others?

The result is this book that was put together by my close friend, Henry Bono and myself.

In it you’ll find a step by step process to uncover your own Motivational Imperative and how to make it come alive so that every day you know without doubt every part of your life matters.

This is an instruction book that will show you how to build your own Motivational Imperative and how to build it in others.

….. and you will get it before anyone else!

All I ask is that you read it, apply it and tell me what you think.

In the next few months you can expect several complete seminar trainings on the Motivational Imperative. This is just the beginning.


Dantalion Jones

PS, Yes! I want you to BUY THIS BOOK and I also want you to check out There is a video there that will tell you a lot more.


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