Mind Daddy is a humbling description of the worst experiences possible about mind control.

Told through heart-wrenching memories to a therapist named Mr. Tim, Mind Daddy is a deeply moving, stunning journey through a woman’s lonely, desperate struggle to rise from the abyss of deep despair and loss of hope into the pinnacle of forgiveness.

Enduring humiliating belittlement and forced into absolute submission, she is required to live a dual life: outside in the real world where she must hide what’s going on, and also under the oppressive authority of Mind Daddy, a ruthless disciplinarian inserted into her subconscious mind through torture-based mind control.

Utilizing techniques involving starvation, isolation and excruciating pain, control of her every movement became the ultimate end game in the high stakes pursuit of a severely demented man. Mind Daddy then goes about maintaining omnipresent and unwavering control over her every action from the deepest depths of her mind. Experiencing unimaginable highs and lows, she ultimately survives by understanding that all things work together for good: her life is meant to bring others enlightenment and hope.

Written as an inspiration to child abuse survivors, Mind Daddy tells of the little-known phenomenon of childhood mind control from a survivor’s point of view. Her remarkable effort to break free from the overwhelming, oppressive burden of being totally controlled presents a fresh voice toward understanding and overcoming the devastating effects that continually interfere with her adult life.

This book is,  at times very disturbing and NOT for the faint of heart.



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