“Easy Mentalism”and “Mind Reading for Fun and Profit”

What can magic and mentalism teach you about persuasion?

A Lot!!

There are two rules of persuasion that are understood best by any magician. They are

1. People can’t resist what they can’t detect.

2. People might believe what you tell them but they will never doubt what they assume.

Magic and mentalism is all about leading people to assume what you want them to. It has almost nothing to do with telling them what you want them to think. By learning even just a few magic and mentalism tricks you’ll get a deep gut feel for what the true persuasion masters are screaming about and that you must lead people to assume what you would normally just tell them.



Here is a Little Secret To Building A Magical Reputation:

The secret is to never be too eager to show anyone “the powers of your mind”.

Of course you could be the big boastful braggart who shouts out “I’ve got magic powers!”

-> Insteadimagine the effect on people when you quietly pull them away from the crowd to demonstrate the power of the mind and ask them to never tell anyone!

-> Instead imagine you reluctantly demonstrating your powers only after several people beg you to read their minds.

-> Instead imagine people begging you to demonstrate your powers but you
impress them with a psychic reading that touches one of them so deeply they begin to cry.

The secret to building a magical reputation isn’t about giving people what
they want!

It’s about giving them just enough to want more The more reluctant you are to demonstrate your “magical power” the more believable you will be in the eyes of others.


Yes, yes,  yes, this is all very sneaky.

Here, let me give you another pointer I learned from a guy who conned me out of $100.

This man made a ridiculous wager with me for a small sum and he lost. Then he would do it again… and lost again.

By then I thought this guy was a complete idiot and when he pulled it the third time I was willing to put down $100 bucks and he won!

I was conned. He knew it. I knew it and I kept my word and gave him the C-note.

This guy didn’t tell me “You can play with me because I’m an idiot and I don’t know what I’m doing.” Instead, he allowed me to assume it all on my own.

People might believe what you tell them but they will never doubt what they assume.

But it was a lesson I was glad to pay for.

Since then I’ve used that same sneaky strategy to have men and women by me drinks, dinner … and more… all in good fun, of course.

So this is where the fun starts.

If you are interested in Learning How to Perform Mind Reading Tricks Fast and easy I’ve put aside an ebook which contains step-by-step instructions on how to perform great mind reading tricks and hypnosis scripts, and covers nearly everything you need to know about Stage Illusions,  Mind Reading, Hypnotism, Spoon Bending, Remote Viewing and Magic Squares and …

We proudly present to you this enjoyable & informative eBook, “Easy Mentalism”

The Cost is an unimaginable $4.95

Imagine being able to pick a card from a deck of cards that has been hidden at random by your friends. Step by step you will tell them the color, suit and finally the exact card they chose!. Wouldn’t your friends be amazed by your wonderful magic?

Do you think you could spin that little magic trick into something that made you memorable and special?

You bet you could.

Or what about if you could read back to your friends a sentence from a book they secretly chose for you to discover. Watch the expression on their face as you get it right word for word!. How would that feel if you could do this?

Do you think that maybe they would start to assume you know something about the mind that they don’t? Imagine being able to make predictions. For instance, in a social situation you hand a friend an envelope containing three coins and ask them to take one and flip it up in the air. You then not only tell them the coin they chose but also which side up it landed. They will all be impressed by your amazing performance!

If you do only one of these tricks in front of only three people and nothing more you  will build a reputation just from their gossip bigger than if you performed at Carnage Hall.

Now that you know how to use magic  powerfully you need to know the “tricks” so here is what you’ll get within 105 page of no-fluff ebook:

  • Shape Prediction – You tell people the shape they drew on a piece of paper without seeing it.
  • Heads or Tails? – predict the toss of a coin every time.
  • Remote Viewing – See what other people are seeing from a distance.
  • Key Bending & Spoon Bending – Demonstrate your “psychokenetic powers” to bend metal.
  • Magic Square – A person calls out a number and you draw a 4×4 grid of numbers that  totals the selected number from every angle, corner and direction… all in less than 20 seconds.
  • Card Prediction – Tell anyone to pick a card at random and  then let them know the card they chose without ever seeing it.
  • The Book Test – Read a persons mind for the random pages  they have viewed from any book in their library.
  • ESP – Using the classic ESP cards predict which card anyone will choose.
  • Predict a number – You ask anyone to select to random numbers and you guess what they are with 80% accuracy.
  • Read Three Minds in One – predict the three cards people will choose without seeing them

… and more, much more.

What  a fantastic bunch of effects! These tricks are explained thoroughly and easy to understand. Simple to perform, nothing requires extremes of dexterity – a dexterous mouth is more in line with these methods, and you’ll have fun! From hypnotic effects, to spoon-bending, to card forces, it’s all laid out for you.

~ James Pope

And it’s not like any other ebook you’ve ever read on Learning How to Perform Magic Illusions.


Because I want you to get something that is simple and easy to learn but that will astound the people you show them to.

Okay, Most people sell this for $37.00 and I’m not going to let you pay that much because
the only reason you’re here is because I asked you to come to this web page. I’m not having to
pay for google ads or stuff like that. You already know the value of the information I’m giving you!

You can get this for $4.95 flat! That’s it, and It’s worth it because that’s at least how much you’ll pay for this information at any brick-and-mortar bookstore.  And you’ll get it as an instant download.

This is so mindlessly cheap that you may ask why I’m offering it at this price.

My answer is “Why not?”


The fact is this may be your very first purchase from me so I want you to know that I give more bang for the buck than anyone out there. This is a great product at an unimaginable price and I want to make it an offer you can’t refuse.


Simply grab your copy of Easy Mentalism” right now, and here’s what I’ll throw in:

“Mind Reading Games for Fun and Profit($27 value)

How would you like to learn mind reading to ‘show off’ and have fun? This bonus is great for beginners.

Here is the Table of Content of this unique ebook:

  1. The Nature of Mind Reading
  2. The Proofs of Mind Reading
  3. Contact Mind Reading
  4. Development Exercises
  5. Simple GAMES of Mind Reading
  6. Difficult Games
  7. Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading


60 Day 100% RISK-FREE


60 Day 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

you’re  my customer. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you’re not happy with what you discover from Easy Mentalism and Mind Reading For Fun and Profit I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).

But… the e-books are yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me, Mr. Dantalion Jones!

Okay? So you really can’t lose! The e-books are yours no matter what.


Sure, you can use this all in good fun… and you should… just don’t pass up finding out how many people would conclude that you “have magic powers” when it’s all set up right.

Remember It’s All In The Set Up.

One guy told me “I’ve got people believing I can read the micro-movements in their faces!”

Another person told me that after a demonstration of his “special powers” a young woman took him aside and asked if he could help her “open up her third eye”!

You can just as easily convince someone that you’ve traveled from the future to tell them what card they are going to pick…if you set it up right.


Okay, there it is, and I could go on and on about what a great deal it is, but you already know that and I don’t want to bore you.

All I want is to make sure you get good useful information!


For Only $4.95!!
All I ask is that you go out and use it. My entire purpose is to give you control and if I
could hand it to you in a brown paper bag, I would.

But at this point, I can’t.

The next step is yours and yours alone.

It’s Only $4.95!!

Please, use it in good fun!



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