Imagine an addicted tobacco user comes to your office CRAVING tobacco and 45 minutes later they can’t bring up a want, craving or desire for it no matter how hard they try!

This Video Download is best understood if you are familiar with the 10 Step Stephens Hypnosis Method taught here and show you how to get a “Wow!” from the client as soon as the hypnosis session has ended.

What you will see with this Video Download is the hypnosis process I use to help turn a tobacco addict into someone who doesn’t want tobacco no matter how hard they try to want it.  This video contains commentary and description of each step of the process and conforms (mostly) to the Jeffrey Stephens 10 Step Hypnosis Method.

There are a lot of ways to do a quit smoking hypnosis session. I’ve found you will get the most positive and lasting result when the session is the most dramatic. In other words, when the client ends the session by saying “Wow! That was incredible!”

With this Video Download you will see a real life session with a man who has chewed tobacco everyday for over 25 years and openly admits he has an addiction to nicotine. At the end of the session you’ll see him trying to want tobacco and failing.

Throughout this video there will be commentary and notations explaining each unique step. You’ll understand what each step it and also why it is done. Every step has a reason and a purpose designed to lead to that “Wow” moment of realization.

Lots of people ask what the ideal hypnosis session would look like and this is it. Based on The Stephens Hypnosis Method you will notice additions and modifications that further intensify the hypnosis subjects experience.

This Video Download is designed for hypnotists who want to use a direct/authoritarian hypnosis process to get strong, fast and lasting results for their clients.


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