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Advanced Hypnosis Course – Video/Audio/Digital Download

$249.00 $199.00

This is the Downloadable Version of The Advanced Hypnosis course.
Order Now And Save 20%
Complete Advanced Hypnosis Training.
Instructional Download.

  • 6 hours of video downloads
  • 2 hours audio instruction
  • 3 instructional manuals


This is the Digital Download of The Advanced Hypnosis course.
Order Now And Save 20%

The Advanced Hypnosis course is the culmination of 20 years of professional hypnosis. From that experience I’ve evolved a three session hypnosis protocol that has proven incredibly effective.

The Advanced Hypnosis training is a long awaited extension of Jeffrey Stephens 3-Day Hypnosis Seminar.

This training included six hours of videos along with audio CD downloads and written manual. It will create a hypnosis program that gets you results. You’ll learn every step of the three hypnosis session protocol. You’ll see it done and hear commentary on every step. There is nothing like actually SEEING it done on real life hypnosis clients in real life conditions.

With this course you will get six hours of video instruction along with two hours of audio downloads. You’ll learn each of the three hypnosis session that insure a positive result and a happy hypnosis client.

As a download you will receive SIX large files with up to 10 gigs of vital information so downloads may take some time. Some files may take up to two hours to download.

Please note, the discount on this early release is for previous customers of the site. This promotion will end as soon as the official marketing program begins.

Time is short.

Order now and save.


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