When I began my journey learning about the mind I was very young. I saw the hypnotist at the county fair and what he was able to make people do fascinated me. I hooked on hypnosis from then on.

Looking at the books I wrote under the pen name Dantalion Jones you’ll see an interest in “mind control” and power over others. I created Dantalion Jones as an alter ego to reflect my state of mind at the time. At that time in my life I felt oppressed and wanted to rebel in the most devious of ways. Fortunately, life changed and I’ve felt much less need to write under the name, Dantalion. I am endlessly grateful he was available to me.

Now, most of my attention is focused on becoming the most effective hypnotist possible. The best way I can improve is help other improve with me. “We rise by lifting others” a friend of mine often says. For that reason I’ve developed Advanced Hypnosis Course and made it available for download.

The Advanced Hypnosis Course describes a three session process that seamlessly gives the client the result they want and MORE.

Many hypnotists will debate how many sessions a client should go through. Each of three sessions in the Advanced Hypnosis Course has a purpose:

Session One gives the client the result they want, to quit smoking, remove cravings, create peace of mind.

Session Two enhances self image, self esteem while augmenting the success of Session One.

Finally, Session Three is most often used to reinforce success. This third session also provides enough time for the subject to integrate the changes into their everyday life. From that they can provide feedback where modifications can be made.

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