No one would ever suspect you’ve never done hypnosis before!

Let’s assume you are new to hypnosis. You’ve seen a few interesting hypnosis shows. You find it interesting that people can be put “under your spell” some how. What would happen if you gave it try?

That happened to me many years ago when I was in college. I had seen a few hypnosis acts and even read a book or two but I’d never really done it. The opportunity came to me at a party. There were about 30 people there all about college age and I simply announced “I’m going to do a hypnosis demonstration!” Keep in mind, I had never done hypnosis IN MY LIFE… but no one knew that!

This was my first lesson in authority: If you say it confidently enough and act accordingly people will tend to belief you (until you demonstrate otherwise).

A group of people gathered around and I asked for a few volunteers. From having watched a hypnosis show a few months earlier I proceeded to the hypnotic induction. I had people laying across each other, demonstrated eye catalepsy (aka “eye lock”) and concluded by laying a slight, 120 pound girl in plank position across two chairs. Not only were people entertained, but I impressed myself that I could actually do what I’d only seen others perform. From my perspective I was just acting like a hypnotist and IT WORKED! It wasn’t until years later did I really consider becoming a clinical hypnotist.

Looking back there is some great insights this experience can offer to anyone wanting to “try” hypnosis.

You Are New To Hypnosis? Do This.

    1. Act like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t). Admittedly, I had no experience doing hypnosis but I wanted to do it anyway. This degree of confidence won’t work in all cases but for doing a first time hypnosis demonstration it will help a lot.
    2. Prepare, Practice and Rehearse. Any practice is better than none. I was really lucky that first time because I wasn’t truly prepared. The idea of doing a hypnosis act only came to me in the middle of the party. That would mean watching some hypnosis videos and practicing alone. I highly recommend you download the free PDF “Hypnosis Party Tricks” (CLICK HERE).hypnotist shirt
    3. Have a friend (aka wingman) start telling people you’re a hypnotist.
    4. Tell people you are hypnotist. This is very effective if you are in a party or a social situation.
    5. Wear a “HYPNOTIST” shirt to provide social proof. I have them in size Large and XL.
    6. Have FUN! Make sure everyone has a fun time. That’s pretty easy when you are demonstrating hypnosis, focus on the fun, exciting and strange hypnosis tricks.

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