Following a recipe vs understanding the principals.

I was watching a cooking YouTube channel buy a YouTuber named Alex (link below). He was tempting to make kimchi without a recipe. He took an existing packages kimchi read the ingredients decided to reverse engineer the process. By doing that he made satisfying version of kimchi he really liked. From that he made a very valuable conclusion. He explained the difference between understanding the principles and merely following the steps.

In my mind I saw a direct correlation between what he did and how we learn hypnosis. Allow me to explain.

The typical way one learns hypnosis is to have a series of steps to do. First, you do the pretalk, then the induction, you then do deepeners, maybe demonstrate a few hypnotic phenomena. You then give the hypnotic instructions, then the wake up. Ideally if you are learning hypnosis this is probably how you were taught. It’s a great teaching method because, like a recipe, if you follow the steps, you get the result you planned for.

Jeff Stephens Hypnosis Method

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That is why i am such a big fan of Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Method. It’s 10 sequential steps. It’s easy to learn and apply. It’s greatest benefit is you don’t have to understand the principles of hypnosis to get a result. Fortunately, once you hypnotize a lot of people the principles reveal themselves to you. So let’s go a bit further to talk about the underlying principles. 

Here are some of the most basic principles that make hypnosis work:

Rapport is good. Authority is great. Both are ideal.

In all hypnosis and nlp trainings you’re going to hear about the benefits of rapport. And it is true, rapport is very important. I’m more important it’s being perceived as an authority. By being perceived as an authority, someone who has years of experience doing hypnosis, it’s easier for someone to trust you and follow your instructions. Even better than that being perceived as an authority and having great rapport with your hypnosis subject. By so doing, they trust what you’re telling them to do is the right thing (authority) and are happy they’re being told to do it by someone they like (rapport).

Capture and Lead the Attention

As a hypnotist all you are truly doing is telling someone where to focus their attention. If you do not have their attention you cannot adequately do hypnosis. Likewise if they do not follow your instructions it’s unlikely you will have success. Understanding this simple principle will direct your attention your hypnosis subject on what your hypnosis subject it’s focusing on.

Context matters

In this case Context means a situation where the people you plan to hypnotize know you’re a hypnotist. Context can be set as easily as telling someone you’re a hypnotist. Imagine attempting hypnosis with someone who doesn’t know who you are nor what hypnosis is.

Doing hypnosis without a context means potentially looking like a fool. Imagine trying to hypnotize someone on the street who has never seen nor understand what hypnosis is. 

Assume success. The power of Intent.

One of my earlier experiences during hypnosis was when I was in college. I was at a party and I remember seeing a hypnosis show I thought that if I told everyone I was a hypnotist I might get some good results. Am I complete amazement I put on a very entertaining hypnosis show. There are a lot of things you can learn from that. The principal that it emphasizes it’s about the power of intent. As described in Jeffrey Stephens hypnosis training, intent means to plan on an outcome with absolute certainty you will achieve it.

I’ve met several people who have become hypnotist I just watching people do hypnosis on youtube. They then go out and pretend to know

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what they’re doing. often to their surprise, they get amazing results.

Wear a hypnotist shirt in public and see what you can get done. You will find, much to your amazement, when you walk up to people, snap your fingers and say “Sleep!” many of them will go into hypnosis. 

Watch YouTube street hypnotists. Many would-be street hypnotists have found out if they just ac

The Meta Pattern

The Meta ProgramThe Meta Pattern principal is one you will understand especially if you use a process like symbology or most neuro-linguistic programming patterns. In short, the Meta Pattern consists of knowing the problem state of the hypnosis subject and also having elicited solution state or resource that the subject needs. The Meta Pattern focuses first on building up the resource or solution state and then replacing it where the problem state used to occur. This is of course extremely simplified description of the Meta Pattern but once you understand it you will see it as an underlying process in many forms change work. The great book I recommend to help you better understand the meta program is The Meta Pattern: The Ultimate Structure of Influence for Coaches, Hypnosis Practitioners, and Business Executives by Sarah Carson, Shawn Carson and John Overdurf.

The Meta Program –


There are a lot of underlying principles to understanding hypnosis. The ones I’ve shown here or simply the ones that are most obvious to me. Buy understanding these principles You’ll be able to achieve hypnosis without following a recipe or formula. I encourage you to notice these principles at work when you are doing hypnosis. Understanding the principles frees you to experiment more creatively to get results for your hypnosis clients.


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