A few years ago I was asked to teach a group of sale people some quick and dirty hypnosis tricks they could use at parties or in other social settings. The purpose was to ensure other people believed they had magical powers of mind control and enhance their social influence. (Saying that now, it really does sound crazy.)

I remembered how my mentor, the late Jeff Stephens, would hypnotically stick someone’s hand to a wall or table. That got added to the list.

I also remember an NLP technique that makes someone forget their name. Seriously, completely forget their name.  There’s something deviously 😈 satisfying having someone relying on you to tell them what their name is because you took it from their mind.

All of these tricks were thrown together in a handout that I gave to the group members to practice.

There is also another very conversational way to make someone forget their name. I included that one too in the handout.

I think you will agree that these four party tricks will make a memorable impact. The download is free.

Download Hypnosis Party Tricks



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