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  • Do you believe it’s possible to use self-hypnosis to erase your own memory or to forget things as though they never happened?
  • Do you believe you can intentionally forget who you are and everything about yourself for 15 minutes?
  • Do you believe you can erase from your memory everything that has happened the day before? All you would be left with is a 24 hour period of ‘lost time’.
  • Do you believe you could program yourself for success and never remember being programmed?
These are all phenomena that have been demonstrated with direct hypnosis. The question is how can they be done with “self-hypnosis”? The basic problem with trying to do such thing with self hypnosis is, at some point you have to go so ‘deep’ in hypnosis there is no “you” present to make changes.
I describe the solution to this problem in a paper I’ve written called “The Vault”.

The Vault describes a process of self hypnosis that can be so profound the user will regularly experience confusion, disorientation and lost time. It is therefore not to be used lightly.
This is a highly experimental process, one that I have practiced myself. The upside to this process is very dramatic results with self hypnosis. The downside is that it can be confusing, disorienting and downright uncomfortable. Don’t test The Vault on yourself unless you have read the description and fully understand the possible consequences.
If you do decide to use The Vault please let me know your results. This is a very experimental process and your questions and observations will help evolve the process.
Dantalion Jones
(aka David Barron)



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