How To Start The New Year – Hypnosis Presentation At Yoga Studio

Welcome to the first blog post of 2020!

I was recently asked by a local yoga studio to give a hypnosis presentation to welcome in the New Year 2020. What FUN!

The theme of my presentation, and the hypnosis session in it was “New Year – New You”. The essence of it is to build an internal personal resource that will be useful every day of your life. I talk about his  in more detail in the course called “The Advanced Hypnosis Training”.

click here for the advanced hypnosis course

The great news is that I got to video record the whole program from beginning to end. Please, Enjoy! And let me know your thoughts.

Big thanks to Jan and Megan for inviting me to speak at Balance Studio.

You also might be interested in one of my written articles on how to make a change in someone in an conversational format. The process is so smooth and seamless people don’t notice what I’m doing but they do feel better (without knowing why)!

Of course, I’ve used this with my hypnosis clients but I’ve also seen it work like magic with friends who start off in a bad mood. It’s called “The Emotional Switch” and the results are truly amazing.

Check Out “The Emotional Switch Pattern”


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