What would you tell Google about Mind Control Publishing?

Here we go!

Just this last week I got Mind Control Publishing approved by Google as a business. That means when you search Google you’ll be able to see what other people say about Mind Control Publishing. The problem is that no one has yet posted anything at all!
If there is a comment, review, criticism you want to make about the service you’ve received from, this is your chance to make it public. It can be good or bad, 5 stars or 1 star, it can be funny or sincere. All you have to do is click this link, or the image below. You’ll notice, when the link opens, near the bottom of the right hand column is where you can post a review of Mind Control Publishing.
A fictionalized version of the entrance to Mind Control Publishing.
This is going to be VERY interesting for me because I can only guess what people are saying about me and my books. I’m ready!
David Barron
aka Dantalion Jones


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