I’m Reaching out on behalf of my friend, Amish Patel. 

Amish is an actor and comedian and has a podcast called “Cult Rehab” on Youtube (here is youtube link). Cult Rehab features people who have been in high control cults and how they got free. He also talks about the recovery process after you leave a cult. I’ve been on the show talking about some of my books. 

Cults cover a wide spectrum of fields

  • Religious Cults 
  • Self Improvement Cults
  • Business cults like MLMs
  • Political Cults
  • Cults for Sex Trafficing (pimping)

Amish is looking for guests to be on his show. Do you have ANY experience in cult? Do you know someone who would want to talk about their cult experience? 

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David Barron
Aka Dantalion Jones

It was on the Cult Rehab podcast that I talk about my book “Building Your Cult”

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