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Making Mind Machines "Self Esteem and Self Confidence"
One of the single greatest secrets to happiness is your state of Self-Esteem and Self Confidence. With self esteem you feel good about yourself no matter what happens. With self confidence you are willing to face any challenge. Together they provide an unstoppable combination. Hear all about it in a rare lecture by Dantalion Jones.... more
Making Mental Machines "Making Mental Machines"
Mental Machines can be created within your own mind to make life easier and they can be created in others so that they will tend to respond automatically as they might want. But these mental machines  can also be created and installed in others without them even knowing it's taking place.... more
"Delta Programming CD"
Delta Success Program contains an explanation of why it works but more importantly it tells you what to do so that you can become unstoppably motivated to go after what you want... more

"Delta Programming CD #2 Lighthearted Social Experiments"
Lighthearted Social Experiments teach you how to be flexible and responcive in any social situation.  They are  experiments, things you do to find out what happens.  There is no failure when you do them because you will always get valuable information.  ... more
 Delta Success Program - Creating Inner Resources
"Delta Programming CD #3 Creating Inner Resources"
This is the most advanced CD yet in the Delta Success Program series.
There are several reasons that this CD might demand your attention. The first is that it's all about building an unstoppable sense of power. 

This is a sense of power can be dangerous if it is not kept under control.

The second reason is that the hypnosis process that is an integral part of this CD is designed to ingrain within you a sense of power at an unconscious level.   ... more
"Delta Programming CD #4 The Psychopathology of Success"
This is the most advanced of the Delta Success Program CDs and, potentially the one you should be most concerned about.

The reason is that while we all want to be successful and strive for it in our own way, there are a few who are obsessed with it.  It is their only motivation in life.

It is a "Psychopathology", a mental disease that drives them toward success.

The CD "The Psychopathology of Success" is about being able to learn to from that "success sickness" and bring it into your life in a way that is healthy for you.  ... more
Embedded Commands Mastery CD

Learn the secret that psychotherapists used to pay $1000 to learn. Embedded Commands will send powerful messages directly to the unconscious mind of the person you want to influence. This is POWERFUL stuff. ... more
United States Government Mind Control Files MK-ULTRA CD-Rom  Released Through The Freedom of Information Act
These 17,000 documents gathered under the Freedom of Information Act are listed by dates, covering a period from 1943 to 1988... more
Filters of reality - a private lecture by dantalion jones

In this private lecture you'll learn the very simple secret that helps to focus perception and when you direct your attention your alter the filters of reality.... more
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